This morning, May 17, the central bank Governor, Rogério Zandamela, inaugurated the Banco de Moçambique Museum [portuguese: Museu Banco de Moçambique] at the bank's parking building (Silo-Auto).

During his speech, Rogério Zandamela said that the creation of the Museum is "the product of hard work that entailed research, gathering information and exchanging experiences with entities at home and abroad" and opening it to the public follows from the "need to ensure the preservation and appreciation of the institution's memory and generational continuity of knowledge across the various stages of the history of creating a central bank in Mozambique."

The Banco de Moçambique Museum comprises five thematic areas, covering developments in means of payment in Mozambique, the history of the central bank and the Metical, the technological developments of banking in Mozambique, as well as the genesis of the gold trade in Africa, in general, and in Mozambique, in particular. The area also comprises an art gallery with permanent and temporary exhibits, an auditorium, a shop and a coffee shop with a view to the Metical monument.

Rogério Zandamela made it known that he hopes the Museum will contribute towards society learning the main roles of the central bank, growing an interest in museology and improving financial inclusion.  In this light, he called on researchers, students and society in general to get the most out of the Museum, and to "fully exploit the rich source of information provided, while always ensuring preservation and appreciation over time."

The event's attendees comprise the Chairman of the Maputo City Council, Eneas Comiche, members of the Board of Directors, managers and staff members of the Banco de Moçambique, managers of financial institutions and representatives of public institutions.

It is noteworthy that this act was held on the date of the 48th anniversary of the creation of the Banco de Moçambique.