In general and broad terms, the Banco de Moçambique carries out the activity of prudential supervision through the Prudential Supervision Department to, on one hand, issue mandatory compliance rules for credit institutions and financial companies subject to its supervision, regarding the management of the risks inherent in their activity, and, on the other hand, monitor compliance.

More specifically, such supervision consists of ongoing monitoring of the activities of the institutions subject to the supervision of the Banco de Moçambique, and comprises, on the one hand, the examination and evaluation of information submitted by the institutions to make sure their operations are conducted in a sound and prudent manner, in view of ensuring solvency and financial soundness, and on the other by the applying sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Supervision is carried out off-site through the examination and evaluation of information sent periodically by the institutions to the Banco de Moçambique, or on-site, in which the examination and evaluation of documents and information is made at the supervised institution.


Prudential supervision sets out to ensure that credit institutions and financial companies are managed in a manner that guarantees financial security and soundness. Prudential supervision focuses mainly on credit institutions, i.e., those that take deposits or other repayable funds from the public.