Yesterday (28) took place the final phase of the contest in light of the "Economics for All"  economic education project of the Banco de Moçambique, across 22 select secondary schools nationwide, centered on 8th and 12th grade students.

This phase saw the participation of 660 qualified students out of 2200 students at the first phase and comprised the presentation of the best works of writing, poetry, and video on basic inflation concepts and the activity of the central bank provided by brochures previously disclosed to students.  

In each province, the Directors of Branches of the Banco de Moçambique or their representatives announced the winners of the three contest categories and handed the prizes over based on the evaluation of a jury composed of the teachers of the schools concerned.

It is worth noting that the contest was launched on May 23 and comprised three phases: a true/false questionnaire, in which 100 students from each school participated; a second phase of electing the 30 best-ranked students per school, who moved on to the second phase of the contest on writing, poetry, and video on the themes provided; and the third and last phase of determining the winners and distributing their prizes.

All teachers chosen from each school were actively engaged, and assisted the students in the drawing up and grading of submitted works.

The Banco de Moçambique intends to hold this contest every year in other secondary schools across the country, selected by the provincial directorates of education.